Bonnie Thurecht

Founder, Director October 2019 
Director Migration Vue 2012-2019 
Registered Migration Agent 1276291 


I am pleased to merge these two great companies together under the one banner.  I look forward to continuing the great level of service and success that both companies have seen over the years, moving forward. I take great joy in providing specialist advice to my clients from all around the world in navigating complex Australian migration law. With an ever increasing world economy, it is so important that all people be able to move across borders and create new lives for themselves.

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, I am now proud to be raising my own three children here in this multi cultural country. We have a great passion for international travel and exploring new places. Everyone should have the freedom to do this and assisting with all types of visas enables me to see dreams come true in Australia.

Yoland Swasbrook

Yoland Swasbrook
Founder, Director 2011-Oct 2019