Australia is a gorgeous country and is the first choice of many people when considering which country to migrate to. Depending on your circumstances and your plan, there are a range of visas that may suit you and you may be eligible to apply for.

Do you want to migrate in order to work in Australia?

Australia values the diverse contributions that people from other countries can bring to the Australian workforce and because of this over 67% of visa places each year are offered to skilled migrants. Skilled visas are the current focus and driving force of the Australian migration programme. Do you have a skill or profession that is in short supply in Australia? Are you a highly regarded professional in your field? Do you fit a gap in the Australian employee market? Are you flexible in which state, city or town you may live? Do you have a potential employer who requires you for their business? If this sounds like you then this may be an avenue to explore as there are many opportunities for non-Australians to join our constantly evolving and expanding Australian economy.

Do you want to migrate in order to study in Australia?

Australia is home to many top internationally ranked schools, universities and private colleges, not to mention the much sought after Australian student lifestyle. Not only will study in Australia provide you with very high quality education and be a great addition to your resume, but you are also sure to have experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. A Student visa may be a suitable option for you if you are able to commit to studying fulltime at an eligible education provider and have enough funds or access to funds for the duration of your stay considering that you may only be able to work a limited number of hours each week while studying in Australia.

Do you want to migrate to Australia to join family?

It is difficult to be separated from loved ones so it is good to know that it may be possible to migrate to Australia to be with your children. Providing that the majority of your children are Australian permanent residents, citizens or eligible NZ citizens, you may be eligible for one of the parent visas that Australia offers. There are a number of requirements for these visas and there is currently a visa queue so it is important to discuss your options with a Registered Migration agent.

Do you want to join a partner in Australia?

More and more Aussies are falling in love with a Beauty or Babe from overseas and wondering “how can we be together?” and “what are our options?”, let us put your mind at ease. Are you in love with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible NZ citizen? (or vice versa) Are you married, “de-facto” or have been living together for 12months? Are you committed to a future together in Australia? If so a partner visa may be an option for you and your love to look into. This is a visa type that can take some time and requires a lot of documentation and evidence, so enlist the help of a Registered Migration Agent to assist you through this process.

Do you want to holiday in Australia?

Come for a holiday! Australia loves Tourists! Maybe you are visiting family for a few weeks, or if you are between 18-30, from an eligible country and meet the visa requirements, why not supplement your holiday spending money with a little bit of work?! A working holiday visa will allow you to immerse yourself in the Aussie lifestyle and give yourself enough time to see the real Australia.

Are you considering migrating to Australia?

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