About Bonnie

Director at Inbound Migration, Yoland is a passionate immigration law expert and RMA who enjoy assisting her clients with all visa applications, tribunal or ministerial intervention representation. Her experience includes having spent many years living in Beijing China where she was learned Mandarin and appreciated the challenges clients face when migrating to a foreign country. Achieving successful results for her immigration clients brings her great satisfaction, whilst growing our fantastic country at the same time.

Why Use a Registered Migration Agent? (RMA)

As an RMA, I am often asked the question about what I can offer my clients to warrant them engaging in my services. If you do decide to go with an RMA, these are some of the services they will offer you: Frank, honest and candid opinion about your chances of success A letter of [...]

Australian Migration – What to Know

Australia is a gorgeous country and is the first choice of many people when considering which country to migrate to. Depending on your circumstances and your plan, there are a range of visas that may suit you and you may be eligible to apply for. Do you want to migrate in order to work in [...]

Our Top Tips for Easy Migration to Australia

  Immigrating to Australia? We share our Top Tips to make migrating to Australia easy. 1. Decide if the Australian lifestyle is right for you Its no wonder Australia is called the lucky country. With a multicultural society (1 in 4 born overseas), incredibly diverse cities and towns, beautiful beaches, plenty of work and a [...]