Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) are a service provider who can offer you professional help with applying for a visa for Australia. Their service also extends to tribunal representation and citizenship applications. RMAs must be qualified and demonstrate sufficient knowledge of immigration law and procedures, be a person of integrity and be a fit and proper person to provide immigration assistance.

RMAs cannot influence decisions nor promise or guarantee the success of an application. The code of conduct prohibits an RMA to do so. How we can help is with our;

  • Sound understanding of immigration law
  • Knowledge and experience
  • We will assist you to put your best case forward to the Department of Immigration.
  • We can identify any potential areas of concern prior to lodgement and best advise you on your options.

Not every person or situation ‘fits’ the perfect visa mould and on occasion, RMAs need to refer to policy and previous tribunal cases to support cases. Every case is unique and important and our RMAs treat each case individually with professionalism.

RMAs must have a valid Australian Legal Practicing Certificate or have passed a postgraduate level course now known as the Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice offered at select Universities. This ensures RMAs have the appropriate and extensive knowledge required in order to practice. RMA’s are required to complete mandatory legal professional and legal development studies every year so you can be assured that we keep up to date with immigration law.

Apart from being confident that your RMAs registration with the OMARA is current, Agents are here to take the guess work out of navigating the Immigration legal system. We are trained and registered to interpret and apply immigration law to client cases from visa submissions, migration advice, citizenship, tribunal representation and ministerial intervention applications.

Every registered Migration Agent will have a unique registration number, issued to them by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). You can type in your agent’s name or registration number to ensure their registration is up to date.


Agent’s must re-register each year after attending mandatory core professional development courses and proving they have paid for access to a professional library (Regulations and Policy for Migration).

Australia’s Immigration visa options are complex and ever changing. Please contact us for a free assessment of your eligibility and options.

If you are already in Australia and do not have any conditions preventing you from lodging a further stay visa, you may be eligible to apply here and gain a bridging visa. However, you can also apply from out of Australia or you may need to travel outside Australia should you have a condition such as 8503 or other on your current visa.

The condition is often imposed on temporary visas to prevent applicants from lodging a further visa onshore. There are provisions for waiving this condition but there must be exceptional circumstances.

Our team are made of Australian born and raised Agents. We love our country and only want to see it grow and welcome in those wishing to contribute positively to our community.

Our Agents are experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and professional at all times. Please see our testimonials to see our commitment to our clients. We appreciate the stress and effort involved in migrating to a new country and our role is to make it as hassle-free for you as possible.

Migration Agents are unable to speed up processing times, nor have any influence over a decision made by the Department. It is however, an Agents role to be able to submit a decision ready case so that the Department can pick up your case and be able to make a decision without lengthy delays due to document requests post lodgement.

Yes, as part of our service we will check your documents to make sure everything is in order and legible prior to lodgement.

Yes, for professional fees we can on a case by case basis.