Australian Migration Visas

Tourist and Working Holiday Visas

(Subclass ETA, EVisitor, 600, 417,462)

If whether it is a short holiday for a few weeks, a one year adventure or for longer, no two holiday or tourist visa applications are the same. Different requirements apply for each country, each with a unique set of challenges. Our Migration Agents located on the Gold Coast take the guesswork out of it for you so you can get on with your Aussie adventure!

Partner Visas

(Subclass 820/801, 309/100 and 300)

Fallen in love? We LOVE partner and spouse visas and can certainly help you keep the peace during a complex two-stage visa process. Basic eligibility includes needing to be either married, de facto (prescribed state register) or have been living together for 12 months to apply. Australian Immigration will want to know all the different aspects of your relationship including the financial, social and emotional aspects as well as the nature of your commitment to one another.

Regional Sponsored Visa

(Subclass 187 and 489)

Have an amazing opportunity lined up in a regional area with a sponsor? Australia needs you to help us in our regional areas where skill shortages are present. With some occupations not requiring a skills assessment, these Regional Sponsored Visa options have a fantastic permanent residency prospect. Call our Australian Migration Agent team today for a free consultation.

Independent Skilled Visa

(Subclass 189/190)

Australian Independent Skilled Visas are usually the most sought after. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 60 points and be invited to apply via SkillSelect. They allow Applicants the opportunity to work in their occupation for whomever they want, without the requirement of a company sponsor. For those who choose the subclass 190 option, they will be bound to work in the state they nominate, but it does reward them with extra points. If you would like to apply for your Australian Independent Visa, contact our Gold Coast Migration Office today.

Australian Temporary Work Visa

(Subclass 482 – Temporary Skill Shortage Visa)

Want to come to Australia to work sooner rather than later? Our Australian Temporary Skill Shortage visas are relatively fast to obtain and include a 3-stage process which include Standard Business Sponsorship, Nomination and a Visa Application process. The subclass 482 TSS visa requires applicants to have two years work experience at the correct ANSZCO level and for the organisation sponsoring, evidence that the applicant is warranted. Caveats apply.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Application

(Subclass 186)

If you have a sponsor, over three years of work experience and a positive skills assessment then this visa could be most appropriate. This Australian Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Application allows you to gain permanent Australian residency through sponsorship. This is also the Immigration Visa that 457 visa holders often transition onto through the temporary transition scheme.

Australian Student Visa

(Subclass 570, 571, 572, 73, 574, 575)

Australia offers quality education that is well known around the world. From schools to private colleges and universities, there is an abundance of study options for those wanting to grow their education in a world-class destination.

To apply for an Australian Student Visa, contact our Australian Migration Agent today.

Contributory Parent and Aged Parent Visa

(Subclass 173, 143, 804, 864, 884)

Parents of Australian permanent residents or citizens that meet the balance of family test may be eligible to sponsor their parents to permanently live in Australia with them. These visas can be very time consuming to prepare and we recommend employing a migration agent to help you through the many steps and details involved.

NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visa

(Subclass 461)

Are you a New Zealand citizen with a partner who is not from NZ or Australia and they would like to join you in Australia? If you arrived in Australia after February 2001, then your non-NZ or Aussie citizen partner will require an Immigration visa to join you. This visa option will allow them to work, study or just enjoy life with you here in Australia.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal


Our migration agents are skilled at representing and succeeding at the AAT. If it’s an error of judgement, law or a visa refusal, the AAT provides the avenue to review and challenge that decision. We can help take the stress out of the entire process for you.

Australian Citizenship Application

Are you ready to call yourself an Aussie? We would love to have you! Let us know how we can help you with your citizenship application, right through to sending you off to your citizenship ceremony. Australia Day is a top pick for ceremony day.

Ministerial Intervention

If your case is unique and needs to go to the Minister for special consideration, our experienced Migration Agent can assist you with a compelling submission.