As an RMA, I am often asked the question about what I can offer my clients to warrant them engaging in my services.

If you do decide to go with an RMA, these are some of the services they will offer you:

  • Frank, honest and candid opinion about your chances of success
  • A letter of advice detailing the steps, costs, scope of duty, appeal process and more
  • Go through all of your migration options (clients often have more than one pathway)
  • Provide you with a consumer agreement, a written quote to represent you and details about the scope of their duties
  • Assist you with complex issues that might be unique to your case
  • Ensure all documents required to your application are in order and they may be able to certify them for you
  • Prepare and lodge your application, together with a legal submission detailing why you are eligible for the visa by listing the legislative requirements
  • Preparing and lodging your application in a way to best represent you and often in a decision ready format (as much as possible)
  • Follow up with any requests from Immigration and always keep you informed of correspondence during processing
  • Provide advice for any ministerial intervention, tribunal or appeal options if required

Anyone who provides Migration advice in Australia must be of good character and must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority ( When deciding to engage in an RMA’s service, make sure you go to the MARA website to check their registration is current.

When dealing with anything legal, having a legal representative should always help, especially with the costs involved in applying.

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